Developing The Next Generation of Female Sales Leaders

About WISE

WISE is dedicated to developing the next generation of female sales leaders. Our mission is to combine the best of online and offline career resources to connect members, share knowledge, and grow community.

We run leadership events globally that provide individuals a safe forum to share knowledge, find mentors, and inspire them to take control of their career.


Meet and network with hundreds of fellow sales professionals and executive leaders at our local events.

Career Growth

View job openings with employers who are committed to diversity, inclusion, and meritocracy.


Connect with other sales professionals looking to mentor or be mentored.


Access exclusive content and resources to grow your sales career.

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“I’ve been a sales professional for nearly 10 years, and the one constant driver of success for me has been relationship building. Mentors, peers, partners, colleagues, teammates, and friends – have all influenced my success in some way and the invaluable relationships to be gained at WISE are enough to grab anyone’s attention. The smart, kind, passionate and compassionate women gathering to learn and grow together is nothing short of inspiring. The WISE women are constantly teaching me not only about the power of community but that leadership comes at all levels. We should all aim to surround ourselves with people who motivate, challenge, teach, and ultimately share in our passions, and WISE makes all of that accessible and easy.” 

– Jennifer Majlessi, Co-Head of Partnerships, Voray

“WISE has been a trusted advisor for Bizzabo in lead generation, talent acquisition, and employer branding. As Bizzabo is rapidly scaling, it’s a top priority for us to continuously create a mission-driven employer brand that resonates positively with candidates and Bizzaboers alike. Their quarterly events have inspired our team members to create new connections and open conversations for professional and personal growth.”

– Alon Alroy, Co-Founder and CMO, Bizzabo

“WISE has provided an incredible opportunity for me to learn from so many intelligent and driven women. The WISE community has allowed me to expand my network in a way that I never could have done on my own, and all of the events are extremely engaging, and I always leave feeling excited and motivated to take what I learned and apply it to my day to day.”

– Julia Vitti, Sales Development Representative, Rocketrip 

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